In the article, we ask the question, is it impossible to find Email list cleaning free? Our research has shown that a new hygiene company pops up every 2 – 3 months. 2017 competitive analysis showed there were 50 email list verification companies while we know that half of them actually white label. So this means since 2007, after 11 years, we are seeing a growing trend and saturation in this market which tells us that you may be able to find an email list validation service that will clean your list for free.

What is the average cost to verify a list? Depending on the approach of server costs, IPs and domains, the hygiene company’s cost to actually verify if the email is real or not can range anywhere from $100 – $500 per million records. Most companies usually double the price to make a profit and that is why typical verification costs are around $300 – $1,000 per mm. This means that verification costs are extreme and offering this free may not be a good idea unless you are keeping and reselling the data.

So can we find email list cleaning free? Right now, for validation but not for verification. Validation checks mx and dns records along with checking against domain, email and string suppressions. It does an ok job of removing bounces because it does not do an SMTP handshake. Any company selling validation (using that word) and saying it does SMTP shakes is lying. There is a distinctive difference because server costs for validation is cheaper.

Email list verification free of restrictions simply cannot be the case. If one is offering such a great deal, there has to be something up their sleeves. Usually it’s to keep the data and to mail to it. It’s not a good idea to do email list cleaning free. The abuse factor is way too high and chances of the company signing any NDA is simple to none. In this fast pace world of data, protecting it is really hard and if you are using a service that cleans your threats for free, then you are putting your company at risk.