Well, is there a better way to find email hygiene services other than Googling it? Yes and you need to really pay attention to this article. I try to write my blogs so that they give my competition a chance. I am confident that my system is superior so in all fairness, I recommend competition all the time. Many have asked me if there is a better way to find email verification services and in all honesty, it’s a great question, so I think it should be written about.


Out of the 40 – 50 email list hygiene companies worldwide, half of them are white listed. At least 1 to 2 new ones come on to the scene but rarely ever make the cut against the seasoned companies like my own. In fact, we were the second company ever in the world to offer email cleaning. But out of the monotony of trying to find the perfect one for you, let’s hone down on what you should know to find the best.


Meetup with mailers


Get on every forum, club, meetup and group of email marketers that you possibly can. The more email marketers you surround yourself with, the better chance of you finding a good email list cleaning company. This is a small industry and emailers stick to the best. Always ask questions and get answers from the best of the best.


Seasoned hygiene


Put a list of all the companies you find that do email list hygiene. Email hygiene came out of the United States. If the company is not from the US, then they may not be as seasoned as the originals. This is important because emailers metamorphose with the changes and so do the list hygiene companies. New ones whom are not seasoned tend to miss details from the past that have always been added to the system.




The cost always plays a significant role in email validation and verification. The typical cost for validation is around $250 per million and verification around $1,000 per million. Any below that, you are at risk of not removing important emails from seasoned professionals. Email hygiene companies do not just pull a number out of a hat. There is a reason their prices are lower or higher.