If you are looking for an International email list validation service, then you came to the right place.  Every minute, there are 2.4 million emails that are sent worldwide. Our of that 2.4 million, 90% of is pure spam. Spam is unsolicited commercial email marketing. Spammers will scan the internet for anything with an @ sign and send an advertisement directly to it. Antispammers will leave their websites with traps in order to catch the spammers. This is a worldwide process because spamming systems are not originally designed to know wat country they are emailing into.


Because spam is an international problem, email validation services monitor spam fighter websites and use their emails in suppressions as spam traps including checking and matching any emails that belong to their IP addresses. Spam fighters do a number of things in order to catch spam. They plant traps, seeds and fill out forms online to monitor if email marketers are abiding to their contracts. It gets really sophisticated and complicated therefore building an international list scrubbing service is not easy. But we did it.


Since 2007, eHygienics has been collecting traps, complainers, litigators, sleeper cells and all other email marketing traps from its mx/smtp checking capabilities, trusted email partners and forums online which in turn have gathered 9 gigabits of suppressions worldwide in which can help email marketers clean up their lists. Everyone needs an email verification tool like Verify550 to remove bounces because if you let a list sit around for a while. Our email list validation service eHygienics also removes people who hate receiving advertisements (150 million worldwide).


Today’s email marketer focuses on other growing countries. Because international laws are hard to prosecute, email marketers will skirt around the law and email into other countries regardless of the consequences masking their own identity. Smart email marketers abide by the laws and clean up their lists through us before sending an advertisement to another country. 90% of all our clients sign in from all around the world. They know we understand email list validation and trust we can get the job done the first time.