Reasons Why You Should Use Email Verification Software

Are you familiar with all the hidden downfalls in email marketing? There are underlying issues when dealing with mailing lists, such as temporary emails, spam traps, hard bounces, and much more. These issues can likely hurt your sender reputation and worse ROI. Fortunately, there are email verification software and services that can eradicate any inactive or poor email addresses in your mailing lists and make your email marketing campaigns work more efficiently.

What is Email Verification Software

Email verification software guarantees that email lists are working and 100% valid. Marketers will upload their email lists, and the software will verify these lists in several ways. Email verification services can identify a valid email address and see if it exists.

Users must be able to download the final results of the overall process and receive the most updated and well-maintained email list. Email verification software can be used by marketing staff to enhance email campaign performance, increase engagement, deliverability, and importantly, ROI.

Reasons to Verify Emails

There are several factors why an email address becomes invalid. Some main reasons are technical, while others pertain to human errors. Here are the most typical reasons why you must verify your email lists.

They Changed Email Providers

There is a common reason wherein a person changes their email provider. For instance, a person used their local email provider’s email service and eventually shifted to Gmail, or the other way around. Or he changes from any well-known email provider to another. Even though the past email address is still working, the possibilities are that the message sent will never be read.

Changed Their Email ID

Here is another scenario, wherein a person keeps making use of the same email provider, yet created a new account with a different email address. Example, the first email address was, and then the person changed to a better email address at

Changed Their Working Position

In most well-known companies, employees have their business email address, based upon their position. If the person switched position, the previous email address becomes invalid, thus making your messages bounce.

Changed Jobs

Here is another common reason for undelivered messages. When a person resigns from a company, their email ends up being unreachable or redirected to another individual replacing them. Even though your message is delivered, yet you won’t be able to connect with the person you wish to reach.

Dead Domain

If the domain is dead, or a mail server is down, there’s a tendency that email messages are undelivered. It is a good indicator that the firm is out of business, so see to it to remove email addresses that are invalid for this particular reason.

The reasons are quite different, and examined with the use of various technical procedures throughout an email list validation service. It is necessary to ensure your email verifier sustains several verification strategies (such as domain check, syntax check, and deliverability check). These are central features of Verify550 that can quickly verify either single emails or large lists, private emails, and business ones, hosted on public servers and private ones.

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