What You Need To Know About Email Validation Service

First, what is email validation service? It is the procedure of identifying all the valid emails throughout the subscriber’s list.


Why Is Validation Important?

For every launched email campaign that has not undergo validation, the possibilities are you’ll get hard bounces for the non-existing receiver.


The thing is that lots of hard bounces can weaken your sender’s reputation. The poor reputation you have, the lower deliverability you get. If you continuously send out emails to bad addresses, your campaign will surely wind up in the spam folder.


Three reasons you must verify your email addresses



Becoming blacklisted deters your emails from having taken by the server.


Eradicate hard bounces

Hard bounces mainly occur because the email address does not exist anymore, a fake email address, or was terminated by the user.


Diminishes Spam Complaints

Recommended email practice says that in every 5,000 email messages delivered, you must obtain no more than five spam complaints.


When is the time to validate the email list?

Email validation is not a reoccurring task. It is advised to validate your subscriber list if:

  • You come with minimal open rates
  • It has been more than a month since the last validation
  • Your bounce rate came close to or surpassed 2%.
  • All new subscribers have been added in.

How to maintain a clean mailing list

Data quality must be your ultimate rule

Clean your mailing lists repeatedly using a group email validation tool that will determine old or inaccurate addresses and extract them just before your upcoming campaign. Using real-time email address validation, you can verify each recently obtained email address to avoid inaccuracies and phoney accounts from generating further undesirable hard bounces.


Assess your database constantly

Evaluate and eliminate non-engaging subscribers. Cold users may generate issues – if an individual has not opened any of your emails over the last three months hence, extract them immediately from your list to lessen the possibility of hard bounces and spam complaints.


How to Look for a Reliable Email List Cleaning Service

To start with, search for a credible service provider. Email marketing has thrived over the last few years; hence the range of email verifiers has expanded. As a new business entrepreneur, you may be lured to opt for the very first website you look for online, yet a little bit of research works more effectively.


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