Why And When Should You Do Email List Scrubbing?

Do you recall the last time you implemented email list scrubbing? Your email list is another part of your home that could use a good spring cleaning along with your clothes and furniture.

We’d like to believe that our email lists don’t lose 20%-30% of their members yearly, but the reality is more like a 10%-20% annual loss. Each year you might see twenty-five percent of your list-unsubscribe, raising your bounce rate (or even worse, sending your messages directly to the spam folder)! Successful email marketing campaigns recognize failures and move on to focus on the most engaged subscribers.

Although cleaning your mailing list is crucial, there’s no need to feel guilty if you’ve never done it before. Everybody has to start somewhere, so let us be the ones to help you navigate your first time scrubbing emails. Let’s talk about why it’s crucial for your company to clean up its email list, how you can tell when it’s time to start, and what you can do to end up with a better list of email contacts.

Stop worrying about your business’s email marketing strategy and concentrate on cleaning up your email list. I say, “Shall we?”


Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Email List

The significance of cleaning email lists. This may seem silly, but if you want to ensure that your campaigns reach a responsive audience, you need to clean up your email list, which is what email scrubbing does.

However, the advantages of email list scrubbing go far beyond just removing inactive subscribers. Firstly, it can help you get better open, response, and bounce rates in your email marketing without additional work. Reduce the number of dormant subscribers to focus on the people most likely to engage with your email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, cleaning your email list will reduce the percentage of your campaigns that are marked as spam. If you have an active subscriber list, you can learn more about the success of your email campaigns and potentially reduce the number of spam complaints you receive.

Let’s assume, however, that even after you’ve cleaned up your email list, your campaigns need to produce the results you’d hoped for. You can now start with a blank slate when revising your current strategy, free from the distraction of dormant subscribers.

Finally, cleaning your email list can help you save money if your company pays for email marketing services. Marketing firms and agencies often use the number of people on a client’s email list when determining how much money to charge for their services. You can reduce your spending on marketing services by focusing solely on your list of active subscribers.

You probably didn’t expect that cleaning up your email lists would positively impact your company. But in due time, cleaning your email list is something you should do only when it’s necessary. When is it best to start scrubbing, then?


How Often Should You Clean Your Email Database?

There are many advantages to cleaning your email list, but only if you do it when it’s most effective. You want to get the most out of your email list scrub, but if you do it before it’s ready, you will see different results. So, how can you tell if your mailing list is healthy or if it can be “scrubbed”?

Substantial drops in open and click-through rates are the earliest warning sign of a potentially dangerous subscriber list. Variability is expected, and a slight drop could be attributable to anything from email strategy and send times to weather changes. However, if your open rates are falling or staying low, you’re likely sending emails to inactive subscribers.

You should pay attention to your email list if you notice an increase in hard bounces. In the case of a hard bounce, the email is returned to the sender because the recipient’s account is no longer valid or accessible. A hard bounce indicates that the recipient’s inbox is complete, and the sender should remove the address from their subscriber list.

After doing these things, you can get into a more detailed analysis by looking at specific email campaigns. The spam complaints and low click-through rates for particular email campaigns allow you to purge subscribers who are no longer relevant to your business or have lost interest in your content.

For the necessary adjustments to be made on time, you must know when to begin cleaning your email list. This background information makes it time to clean up your email database.

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