Why Is Cleaning Email List So Crucial For Marketing Success?

Cleaning your email list is just as important as cleaning a dirty house.

If you have a dirty house, people won’t want to come inside and stay. If you have a messy email list, people won’t be interested in what you’re selling or offering them.

Having a clean email list is important because it allows you to send targeted messages to the right people at the right time, which means that your message will be more likely to resonate with the reader and lead them towards taking some sort of action with respect to whatever product or service you’re offering. This can mean that they buy something from your store or website, download an e-book from your site, sign up for a webinar or seminar, or even just click on a link within the message itself that takes them somewhere else on the web where they might find something else interesting enough for them to want to buy it too!


Why clean your mailing lists frequently?

You should consider cleaning out your email list for the following five reasons:


Reduce bounce rate.

If an ISP bounces or returns your email, it will have a negative impact on your deliverability. Sender reputation is one way that ISPs check to see if you’re using ethical tactics while sending out emails.

Your high bounce rate may give the impression that you are sending spam, even if that is not the case. This is why you need to work hard to maintain a low bounce rate (preferably, below 2%).

Bounce rates can be reduced by weeding out invalid and false email addresses from your list. You shouldn’t feel bad about getting rid of them.


Lower spam complaints.

Some people frequently file emails as spam. They opt in to receiving your emails but then, either accidentally or maliciously, label you as a spammer. You shouldn’t add these folks to your email list, even if they opted in.

The best course of action is to either add them to your email suppression list before they brand you as spam or simply delete them. Any reliable email validation service will catch these. You can also stop them from signing up in the first place by using an API that checks emails in real time.


Remove inactive users.

Spam traps are an additional obstacle for many email marketers. Oftentimes, internet service providers and blacklist providers may utilize a real person’s prior email address to set up spam traps. Email sent to these addresses will be marked as spam because they are no longer reviewed by a human. The addresses are then blocked on the grounds that only spammers could possibly use them.

The truth is that not all email verifiers can find spam traps. This is because spam traps are not the same as other emails.


Remove duplicate contacts.

You may find that your email list contains duplicate email addresses for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is improper data migration. If you send an email to the same user more than once, not only will this cost you additional money, but the recipient may also report your email as spam.

Since there is little value in maintaining duplicate contacts, email verification is a wonderful way to get rid of them.


Eliminate role-based emails.

Email addresses that denote certain functions, such as info@, admin@, or mail@, are called role-based. Rather than relying on a single individual to double-check them, teams are increasingly becoming the norm. Since role-based emails don’t help you much as a marketer, it’s advisable to get rid of them.

On top of that, there are a lot of individuals who will see your message and might report it as spam. By sorting through your contacts, you can find and delete any that are inappropriate for your role.


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