3 Types Of Email List Validation Tool

Did you know that email service providers may deliver minority of your email messages if your mailing list contains 10% or more invalid addresses? If your open rates have been dropping lately, it could be because of the messages you sent never succeeded to the inbox. Email list validation tool is a useful part of the strategy for this issue.


Who Should Use An Email Verification Tool?

Poor email addresses escalate bounce and complaint rates. It eventually positions you in email service providers negative view. In time, your list will stagnate. Additionally, your mailing list could be a low quality from the beginning if bought from black market partners.


All mailing lists require frequent cleaning. Nonetheless, suppose you’re getting your email leads through inbound marketing, frequently sending emails to your subscribers, and taking out unengaged addresses. In that case, you may have the ability to sustain healthy deliverability without needing an email verification tool.


What Does Email Validation Do?

Validating your emailing list before carrying out email marketing campaigns has its advantages.


  • It boosts delivery rates as much as 98%, strengthening your email deliverability by getting rid of all non-working email addresses out of your list.
  • Maintain a strong Sender Score, enhancing deliverability.
  • You will be able to save more money and increase ROI by not sending emails to non-working subscribers.
  • You’ll get a greater conversion rate; more email messages that succeed in inboxes suggests better opens and clicks, and more desirable performance overall.


3 Types of Email List Verification Tool


Let’s check out the three primary types of email verification tools:

Bulk Verification Tools

This works by uploading your lists to the system and wait for the result. That’s precisely how bulk email validation tools operate. Some tools ask you to submit a .CSV, and if you’re using a more robust marketing automation systems, the procedure will generally be relatively automated.


Bulk email validation tools work well if you have an outdated or bought list you need to examine. Yet, you will continue to put yourself vulnerable to severe damages to your deliverability by uploading a sizeable volume of emails straight off. Consider impeding your upload if your list quality is in doubt. By doing this, you can stop the campaign briefly if your bounce rate continues to be high.


Real-Time Verification Tools

Real-time email lists validation tools let you check and decline emails at the point wherein they are accumulated. Using a CAPTCHA complied with double opt-in will attain a comparable result, yet you’re still sending out a minimum of one email to the bad email address. Additionally, if a person records an invalid email accidentally, a real-time tool will capture the error, so you don’t lose out on conversions merely because of typos.


Automated Verification Tools

Mailing lists, particularly B2B lists, typically deteriorate very severely. Automated email list validation service tools will frequently examine your email list and notify you as soon as a list requires cleaning, or sometimes, automate the cleaning and eradication process based on your configurations.


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