If you’re looking for email validation services, you’ve come to the right place. Verify550 does that first and then verification. We have written many articles about free email list validation, the consequences and the reason you get what you pay for. This article will focus a little deeper on email validation and why it is so important.


Verification only does the handshake. The SMTP questions are what the mail administrator wants to know about you. This is where the email becomes verified. But before that, don’t you think it’s important to fix or remove an email that would waste time and money by verifying it first before you remove errors?


For example, email validation services can view the name field and see if the email matches up. If the name is Melinda and the email says Mike@ then validation would be perfect to actually remove the bad email before it goes through the verification phase. Another example of email validation would be to remove spaces in an email. Does this look right? Example:


jeffbaker @domain 123.net


Any keen eye can spot that there are two spaces in this email email validation does a good job removing these spaces by fixing the email. Validation also fixes email like this:




As you can see, there are two at signs in this email. What about this example:




There seems to be an extra .net in there and that needs to be fixed. The list of validation features goes on and on. A good email validation service removes all types of these error issues including removing emails that have latin code/characters or unicode characters that happen when email lists are traded between operating systems and apps like this:




Email validation basically fixes the emails before they get verified. Verification is very expensive and you must perform these tasks before spending the monies on domains and IPs verifying emails.