Email List Verification Free: How It Impacts Your Marketing Campaign

Email list verification free Ensuring your email list only contains valid addresses is a no-cost way to ensure that your campaigns really reach their intended recipients.

If you’re asking why it’s important to verify email lists, consider that 2% of your list will expire each month, and that 20% of your email data will become undeliverable in a year if you don’t.

There are many reasons why items on your list can’t be sent. Here are some examples.

  • The user entered an incorrect email address.
  • After signing up, the individual deleted his account.
  • They changed jobs, and their old email address is no longer in use.
  • A user gave a disposable email address.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but perhaps you get the drift.

In addition to being a waste of time, sending an email campaign to any of these addresses will almost certainly increase your bounce rates, hurt your sender reputation, and cause your emails to be marked as spam.

We’re not painting a pleasant picture here, but thankfully you have access to email verification solutions like Emailable that can stop you in your tracks.

The process of email verification can be explained in more detail here if you are unfamiliar with it.

How can email verification boost ROI?

As was just discussed, return on investment (ROI) is fundamental to judging the efficacy of any endeavor. Email marketing that works well can improve a marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) by lowering costs and increasing sales.

As we saw in the above ROI equation, the best way to increase your return on investment is to increase both the amount of money you get and the amount of money you spend.

Gaining more income

Improve email open rates  

In other words, email deliverability refers to an email’s success in reaching its intended recipient. Since how a recipient responds to an email has a direct effect on the reputation of the sender, it is the single most important factor in how well an email will be delivered.

You need to regularly validate your email lists to maintain a good sender reputation. List degradation and the rate at which you’re adding new email addresses will affect how often you should reset your list.

Every chance you miss to tell a subscriber about your campaign is a lost sale or a chance to build a relationship that could lead to a sale in the future.

TowerData found that for every $1 spent on authenticating emails, a $750 return was realized. I know, right?

The same holds true if your message is marked as spam and sent to a folder most people never check.

If your mailing list consists of 80% inactive users who haven’t read or clicked on anything in over six months, emailing too frequently may cause Gmail to limit your account’s sending speed or even move your messages to the spam folder.

Others will either disregard or classify your emails as spam, while some may choose to unsubscribe. Doing so hurts your sender’s reputation and makes it more difficult for your emails to reach recipients’ inboxes, even those who show interest in what you have to say.

To put it another way, if you want your emails to reach their intended recipients and not end up in the spam folder, email verification is essential.


Gains in efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns 

Marketers can learn a lot about how people interact with their emails by looking at metrics like the percentage of recipients who actually opened the message, how many people clicked on the link, how many people unsubscribed, and so on. The behavior of an audience can be observed over time using these measurements.


Final thoughts 
As has been pointed out, email verification can increase return on investment in more than one way.

For numerous reasons, 2% of your email list becomes inactive every month. Without email verification, the return on investment of your email marketing campaign will continue to decrease.

Don’t waste your time and energy on a beautiful email campaign if you haven’t checked your lists first.

If you didn’t confirm the lists before the campaign, the data you get back afterward may not be accurate.


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