How Email Verification Software Works?

Email verification software works by ensuring that all messages and campaigns are sent to legitimate email addresses. Users upload email lists onto these systems, and it will validate these lists in various ways. Email verification services may identify the correct email address or domain format, and some services can inspect an email box against an internet service provider to see if it works.

Users can download the results of the email verification procedure and get an up-to-date and correct email list. Marketing companies can use email verification software to increase their campaign productivity, deliverability, ROI, and client engagement. These services are incorporated to email marketing software, which companies use to send messages to their clients.

E-mail Verification Process

Although a lot of people are already aware of email verifiers, or perhaps have used some of them; not all of them are aware of the complex features of the service. We will explain how it works by sharing the primary technological attributes and verification procedures– this will help you to effectively understand how it works.

Key attributes of the e-mail verifier and validation procedures:

Checking Syntax

The initial step of validation for most email verifier services. Syntax verification examines whether an e-mail address is spelled accurately — without additional spaces, commas, @s, dots, and that the domain extensions are correctly placed.

Domain Check

The second stage of the e-mail verification process. The domain check ensures that the domain name in which the email address is hosted exists, registered and works correctly.


Email pinging is a complex method of e-mail verification service. It pings an email address with an EHLO message, and then anticipates feedback via the email server. The obtained server-response will verify if the email address works perfectly.

Email verification takes only a few moments and is done without sending an email. You must get your results right after the email check is finished. You can view which are hard-bounced email addresses and which must be deleted immediately. You can validate your emails by bulk-uploading them to email verification software or integrating it into an email verification API. Second option is much better because you can prevent complications from occurring in real-time, however, you’ll be needing a developer.

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