Why You Need Free Email List Validation Before Your Campaign

First, let me define what paid or free email list validation is, it’s a procedure that focuses on verifying if an email address is 100% valid and deliverable. This happens every time you send a newsletter to your subscribers and the message did not bounce at all. 

This is beneficial, mostly for new email marketers and those that have a large number of mailing lists. The main purpose why you must validate your mailing list is due to the damaging effect that bounce rate can do to your sender reputation.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses several factors to determine the sender’s reputation. Among those factors is the bounce rate. If a person constantly sends messages to a bunch of invalid users, ISP will instantly regard it as bad list management and the sender as a prospective spammer.

Your job is to confirm that you are a reputable sender. The initial step to it is to validate your email leads.

Types of Email to Remove

Invalid Email Addresses

You can own invalid addresses if you keep your email list “untouched.” Consumers can desert email addresses for countless reasons. If you haven’t sent any email message to your list throughout the last 6-9 months, thus there is a possibility that the address is already invalid.

If a user or mailbox does not exist, a message hard bounces. Hard bounce addresses are what you need to stress over since they are doing you more damage than good. Once ISP notices that a bunch of addresses is not getting your emails, they’ll filter your efforts as spam.

Misspelled Email Address

People usually misspelled their email address when they are in a rush to click that “submit” button in a form. Unfortunately, for email marketers, this is a problem as it intensifies the bounce rate. So, it is essential that you detect and fix noticeable misspellings such as john@gmailcom, john@outloook.coom, john@live.co, or john!yahoo.com.

Other than that, see to it that you use a confirmed opt-in process and ask the customer to click that confirmation link you sent to their email address.

Role Email Accounts

I’m sure you came across a role type email addresses. These are a type of email addresses connected to certain company division or job and are solely meant to receive messages associated with that job. 


“abuse@domain.com” – For abuse reports.

“bounce@domain.com” – To receive bounced email messages.

“admin@domain.com” – Meant for the domain administrator.

These kinds of email accounts are not intended for personal use or registrations to email marketing communications. Therefore, it’s extremely unlikely that they can show up in your email list.

Role account addresses are found on public web pages and wind up in the database master list, which in turn are marketed to email marketers who wants to quickly obtain a huge number of email addresses.

Some Spam trappers purposely make use of role addresses as “honeypots” to trap spammers. Therefore, make use of free email verification to detect and eliminate those kinds of email addresses right before you start your email campaign.

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